Special thanks to Eugene Atha for directing another successful and fun-filled Arkansas Open table tennis tournament for 2014. Thanks also to Jamey Hall who served as the umpire for the event. This year's open showcases some of the best table tennis play in Arkansas this year. We hope that everyone who attended had a great time and enjoyed themselves.

Congratulations to all of winners, runners up, and competitors in the 2014 Closed events. LRTTC would like to highlight the results of LRTTC members (their names appear in bold in the table below).

  • Jeff Pratt is the Under 1500 Singles Champion.
  • Tanner Cook is the Under 1300 Singles Champion.
  • Sam Bezold is the Under 900 Champion.  Sam also took second place in the Under 1100 Singles.
  • Megha Nelluri came in second place in the Women's Singles.  Megha also teamed up with Don Jackson from Sherwood to win the Mixed Doubles Championship.
  • Mike Lauro teamed up with Tom Jourdan of Oklahoma to become the Under 3300 Doubles Champions.

Here is a summary of the results:


Arkansas Open 2014  Held Saturday, September 27, 2014 at the UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AT LITTLE ROCK  
OPEN SINGLES Cheng Li Mississippi Yi Chi Zhang Mississippi
A SINGLES Jamey Hall Arkansas Carl Lewis Tennessee
B SINGLES Bijoys Baby Arkansas Clem Volpert Arkansas
C SINGLES Tiffany Salter Oklahoma Joesph Tassin Louisiana
U2100 Scott Barone Arkansas Liedy Handoku Tennessee
U1900 Carl Lewis Tennessee David Correa Oklahoma
U1700 Ben Phillips Arkansas Paul Hadfield Arkansas
U1500 Jeff Pratt (LRTTC) Arkansas Bijoys Baby Arkansas
U1300 Tanner Cook (LRTTC) Arkansas Tiffany Salter Oklahoma
U1100 Varun Coona Tennessee Sam Bezold (LRTTC) Arkansas
U900 Sam Bezold (LRTTC) Arkansas Michael Barnes Oklahoma
U18 Junior Girls Katherine Fang Texas Victoria Bogomilova Arkansas
U18 Junior Boys Simon Zumbach Arkansas Alex Larson Arkansas
WOMENS Joyce Hartmann Arkansas Megha Nelluri (LRTTC) Arkansas
Hardbat Scott Barone Arkansas John Falco Arkansas
Open Doubles Cheng Li Mississippi Winfred Addy Oklahoma
  Yi Chi Zhang Mississippi Michiya Suzuki Oklahoma
Under 3300 Doubles Mike Lauro (LRTTC) Arkansas Britt Salter Oklahoma
  Tom Jourdan Oklahoma Tiffany Salter Oklahoma
Mixed Doubles Don Jackson Arkansas Scott Barone Arkansas
  Megha Nelluri (LRTTC) Arkansas Angela Falco Arkansas