The LRTTC Spring 2014 Giant Round Robin tournament was the first USATT-sanctioned tournament hosted at LRTTC in our club's history.  We welcomed players from across the state and from neighboring states Tennessee and Oklahoma.  The tournament started on time and finished ahead of schedule.  This was primarily due to us having 32 singles players instead of 50.  We used 8 table instead of 10.  The generous courts sizes and high ceilings allowed for virtually unobstructed play.  The walkway down the center of the courts and the various tables and chairs turned out to provide a comfortable space for players, spectators, coaches and tournament officials.

LRTTC thanks the following people and organizations:

  • Eugene Atha who helped direct the tournament and who processed all of the results, memberships, and waivers, and prepared and submitted all of the required fees, information and documents to USATT.  I think results should be included in the next USATT ratings update, so check out the ratings on Thursday evening.
  • Jamey Hall for traveling to Little Rock to be our certified national referee...he did an outstanding job on preparing the draws, and modifying them in response to a few corrections and to additional teams wanting to play doubles.  He helped make it possible for me to keep my sanity the night before and during the day on Saturday.
  • Finsncial supprot provided by our Corporate Sponsors:  Arch Street Tire and Service Center,, U.S. Pizza, and Taylor Programs.  Individual Sponsors: Mike Lauro.  Their contributions made it possible for us to host this tournament and provide premium tournament balls, commemorative t-shirts, and custom plaques.  Without them, we would have struggled.
  • LRTTC board members - Viful Mhapsekar (President), Mohan Reddy (Vice President), Jeff Pratt (Secretary), and Mike Lauro (Treasurer) for keeping the club on track through our growth over the last couple of years and for committing to making this tournament successful.
  • All the volunteers who showed up on Friday night to help set up and to those of you who stayed on Saturday to help put up the equipment and clean up the facility, and to the Islamic Center of Little Rock for working with us to allow for the all-day event and to set up and practice on Friday night.
  • Marguerite Cheung and Conrad Song at the Austin Table Tennis Club for their generous support of our club.  Since meeting them at the ITTF Level 1 Coaching Course in the Fall of 2012, they have supported and encouraged our club in so many ways.  They have helped play a part in our club's growth.
  • Last but not least, All of the Players who showed up to play in our 1st USATT-sanctioned tournament.  Without you this would not have happened.  We received many positive comments about the tournament, and there are a few areas that we plan to improve for the next one.  It was our pleasure to host this tournament for you, and we hope that you return.
FYI:  a youtube video of the A-Singles finals is forthcoming.

Congratulations to our Event Champions:

U-3200 Doubles:  Russ Hamilton ($10) / Yimei Hamilton ($10) (Bentonville)

O-3200 Doubles:  Don Jackson (Sherwood) ($10) / Parimal Nilangekar (LRTTC) ($10)

A-Singles: Scott Barone (Cabot) ($200)

B-Singles: Siva Soora (LRTTC) ($100)

C-Singles: Ben Phillips (Pine Bluff) ($75)

D-Singles: Tom Jourdan (Oklahoma) ($50)


And congratulations to the other Event Finishers:

U-3200 Doubles:  2nd - Shelby Barone / Kedar Jambekhar (LRTTC)

O-3200 Doubles:  2nd - Liedy Handoko / Chris Hardin

A-Singles:  2nd - Liedy Handoko ($100), 3rd - Reggie Wilson, 4th - Mohammed Khan

B-Singles:  2nd - Carl Lewis ($75), 3rd - Kedar Jambekhar (LRTTC), 4th - Don Jackson

C-Singles:  2nd - Simon Zumbach ($50), 3rd - Linda Liu, 4th - Alex Larson

D-Singles:  2nd - Mohan Reddy ($25) (LRTTC), 3rd - Sam Bezold (LRTTC), 4th - Megha Nelluri (LRTTC)

USATT Ratings have been processed for this tournament.  Honorable mentions go to Simon Zumbach and Siva Soora (LRTTC) for their much improved and deserved ratings.  Simon gained 405 points (1402), while Siva gained 175 points (1782).  Way to go Simon and Siva!  Go here to check your rating.

Total entry fees collected,: $1,385; Sponsorship funds received: $325; Cash prizes given out: $715; USATT membership fees paid out: $425; USATT rating fees paid out: $224; tournament sanction fees: $80; Custom Plaque/Trophies: $350; Custom T-Shirts made: $540; T-Shirts sold: $465. LRTTC made roughly $500 from our first sanctioned tournament.

$1,385 - entries
$325 - sponsors
$465 - t-shirts sold

$715 - cash prizes
$80 - tournament sanction fees
$350 - custom plaques/trophies
$540 - t-shirts made

Total profit: $490

The tournament was initially submitted as a 0-Star tournament due to initial prize money determinations and the uncertainty as to the availability of certified referee. As a result, the USATT listed the tournament as a 0-Star event. Subsequent increases in the prize money and the commitment of a certified referee probably would have qualified us for a 1-Star tournament. Our next sanctioned tournament will be at least 1-Star tournament, and we are hoping to increase the prize money.

Here are scanned copies of the preliminary round robin draw sheets with results from phase 1 singles, all rounds of U-3200 and O-3200 doubles:


A Singles

B Singles

C Singles

D Singles


Mark your calendars: 
  • For a similar date next year when we hope to have our 2nd sanctioned tournament...and if we are able to have one before then, we will definitely let you know.
  • Also, remember that the Arkansas Open will be held at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (across the street from LRTTC) on September 27, 2014.

Photos of Play at LRTTC April 12, 2014 Tournament

Photos of Awards at LRTTC April 12, 2014 Tournament

Photos of Setup at LRTTC April 12, 2014 Tournament